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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Wechselkurse Januar 2016 für Indonesien,Thailand & Malaysia

Current exchange rates 2016 / Jan 10 in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand

2014 February Central Sulawesi (Mamasa-Gimpu region) 
If you are soon planning to travel to one of the following countries, you should count with the below given exchange rates (it may variegates from a money changer to a bank) to dated on.

Jan 10, 2016

1 € = 15,022.6 Indonesian Rupiah (100 € = 1,500.000 Rupiah) 
(the Megacity Jakarta as capital city with its nowadays about 30 million inhabitants has got the lowest gross income in 2015 of the largest cities of the world)

1 € = 4.81 Malaysian Ringgit (100 € = 481 Ringgit)

(Kuala Lumpur, the capital city, is still the residence of the Petronas-Towers, the tallest twin-scysraper in the world.) 

1 € = 39.52 Thai Baht (100 € = 3.952 Baht)

(Krungthep [Bangkok], the lively and vibrant metropolitan area, where about every tenth of the 60 million Thai is living, really forms the linchpin of the so-called Mueang Thai, how the natives are calling their country.)


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